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What is Jelq?
Jelq is a most effect and ancient penis enlargement technique performed by people to get a bigger and thicker penis. Everybody wish for a larget and thicker penis. By using the jelqing technique, you can get the desired results. Jelq is the basis of all the latest male enhancement devices in the market.

Does Jelqing Work?
Yes. But it is like an exercise. To get good results, you need to use it for some time. You must also know the exact jelqing techniques. Your can also use the jelq devices available in the market.

Jelqing Technique
In simple words, you slowly glide your "ok sign" made hand towards the head of your penis, squeezing it gently. See the picture below:

Jelqing Technique
To understand the this in detail, please see our jelqing technique page.

How Jelq Work?
By doing jelq, you are forcing move blood into the penis muscles. Over time, these muscles starts holding more blood and hence make your penis bigger and thicker.

Miling The Penis What is miling the penis? Miling the penis is just another name used for jelq. There are different types of jelq techniques, but effectively you are only milking your penis. Your hand movements are like that that it feels like you are trying to milk your penis.

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